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A simple tip for turning failure (big or small) into your superpower.

personal development Jul 28, 2021

If we choose to learn from these mistakes, we can improve our performance in many areas of life. 

Like muscle fibers that need to be shredded to produce new, stronger muscle fibers, mistakes make us grow by tearing down barriers and building strength of character. 

But only if we allow them the make us better. 

The first step is to realize that no matter how painful, irritating, or mortifying your mistake was, the ability and authority to be accountable for it purposefully – it was your mistake after all – the onus is on you. 

By holding yourself responsible for your mistakes and how they impact you and others, the power, resources, and confidence that you possess become visible. 

You cannot achieve the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from holding yourself accountable if you bury your mistake or pretend it never happened. 

So how do you learn to be productively accountable? 

A great place to start is with an accountability partner. 

Being accountable to someone else encourages you to up your game, be better than you were, and avoid letting your accountability partner down. 

What does a good accountability partner look like? 

It should be someone in your life who:

  • Isn’t afraid to tell you when you mess up 
  • You can talk to about your personal goals  
  • Can recommend productive habits, like writing your goals down and reading them on your way to work each day. 
  • Is willing to hold you to following through on those new habits 
  • Might even be willing to join you on your journey 

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