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  • Former NBA Athlete
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Our Client’s Thoughts

The Huddle creates a positive, non-judgmental, and secure environment to discuss critical aspects of business with the intent to make positive impacts to companies/organizations while keeping company culture top of mind.” - Chris Mailey

"Our annual dealer meeting is very important to us with 600 in attendance. Nobody knew who Walter was before he began. Well, they know now! Walter connected with our audience and rocked it! They all loved him and you will too!" - President, Basement Systems Inc

"Walter Bond was a pleasure to work with. He spent the necessary time with our executive team to understand the message we wanted to drive at our annual convention. He was able to take his life experiences and sell our message. His past experience as a franchisee gave him instant creditability to our group including our corporate team. He fully understood what the franchisees were thinking and most importantly did what was needed to move them to a new direction. Walter Bond is dynamic, informative and unquestionably entertaining. A must have speaker for any franchise group." - Hungry Howies Pizza

“Thanks to Walter and Antoinette for keeping us on track. The Huddle helps remind me to focus and keep pushing forward.” - Mary

“It was a joy to have a productive session with Walter and Antoinette. They are very easy to talk to as well as effective listeners. Great enjoy and positive outlook on your growth.” - Gary Humes

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