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Who Else Wants to Be a Peak Performer?

Join the Thousands of Professionals Who Transformed From Ordinary to Peak Performer by Joining & Participating in The Huddle

Welcome to the Huddle. A place where you can come as often as you like to help you master the  fundamentals of becoming a peak performer.

What is a peak performer you might ask? The answer is someone who has the persistent will and resilience to overcome adversity and self-doubt to achieve big goals. Even those goals that may seem impossible today.

The Huddle is your source for knowledge, coaching tips, and resources on the 7 fundamentals to becoming a peak performer. These include online courses, books, videos, audio, and much more. The more time you devote to accessing these, the greater your potential to be a peak performer.


Becoming a Peak Performer in Business Is No Different Than in Sports

In sports the difference between winning and losing can be as small as inches or seconds. Think of Super Bowl Super Bowl XXIV when the Saint Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans on a tackle near the goal line to prevent a game-tying touchdown. Who could forget last second shots by Michael Jordan winning both the 1982 NCAA basketball championship and the 1998 NBA championship, solidifying him as the best player in history. These last plays that sealed championship wins did not just happen. It took years of preparation, practice and applying the fundamentals to peak performance.

“I practice as if I’m playing in the game. So, when the moment comes in the game, it’s not new to me. That’s the beauty of the game of basketball. That’s the reason why you practice. That’s the effort. So, when you get to that moment, you don’t have to think. Instinctively, things happen.” Michael Jordan (in an interview with Ahmad Rashad about his final shot of his career with the Chicago Bulls when his shot won the 1998 NBA championship.

In business the difference between thriving and surviving can be very small. To thrive, you must apply the fundamentals of peak performance. Ask yourself…

How did Bernie Marcus, a retail salesman, become President of a small chain of hardware stores, then get fired and start a big box hardware store chain that became one of thirty companies on the Dow Jones Industrial Average in just 20 years?

Or How did Soichiro Honda go from manufacturing auto parts that were rejected by Toyota to an innovative manufacturer of small cars that required little gasoline and transformed the industry?

Or how did Milton Hershey, a candymaker who failed in his caramel business, turnaround to create a milk chocolate brand that became an international success?

These are some of the many entrepreneurs and people in business who went from failure to success. They each had mastered the fundamentals to peak performance. And they not only became successful, they became dominant leaders in their industries. The same could happen to you.

Why Walter Bond Created The Huddle To Motivate You to Become a Peak Performer

Walter Bond was a college basketball player who scored an average of 7 points per game and had ambitions to play in the NBA. In his senior year he broke his foot twice, causing him to doubt about ever playing in the NBA.
Once he became determined to reach his goal, he made history. Walter Bond became the first ever undrafted rookie to start a season-opening game in the NBA. He played for the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz.

Today Walter is a Hall-of-Fame motivational speaker, bestselling author, coach, and co-founder of a leading training & development company. Walter Bond created The Huddle to help you achieve your dreams and success in business. After years of struggling and observing the difference between ordinary entrepreneurs and employees, to those who thrive at super success, Walter developed a series of courses, books,
videos and audios focused on peak performance.

Walter is inviting you to the Huddle today. Will you join and participate weekly?

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