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Maybe you want to develop a new habit, a new routine, or perhaps you're looking to become a new person as a whole. You can get to your desired goals using this vital fundamental of success: The Power of TWO. The Power of Two is about taking consistent action every day.

The Power of TWO is a philosophy that states that if you focus on two essential things and only the two, you will be where you want to be faster than trying to change ten different things at once. If you're going to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle, eating a more balanced diet and daily exercise will have you in your dream body; no one can deny that. Say you're looking for a new job and your Power of Two is to apply to at least one new job and learn one new lesson in a certifiable skill a day. Soon, you will have the knowledge that will undoubtedly put you in a position to choose the job you want versus taking the first available opportunity simply because you don't feel qualified for anything else. 

There were only two focuses in both examples, not three, not four, but two. As humans, we tend to get overwhelmed by how much needs to happen to go from position A to position B without taking a step back to analyze that more often than not, you can get there with two consistent actions. Focusing on only two crucial activities can help you reach the desired goal. You can spend each day thinking about the laundry list of reasons you need to do XYZ so you can get to the desired outcome. It's time to put an end to overthinking with no actions and give the Power of Two a shot. At the end of the day, if you're not taking action, you're not doing anything.

This Week's Activity:

  • What is the current goal you're looking to accomplish?
  • What are two daily actions that can get you closer to your destination?

Here's to another week down,

Walter Bond & The Bond Group

Additional Business Tips:

The Power of Two can be applied to your business as well. For example, say you're looking to improve your KPIs; what are two things you can do each week to get more business? Implementing the Power of Two to improve KPIs within your company would be to create content and find the best way to disseminate the content you've made. In addition, you are using the internet to spread awareness to future and returning customers with new and fresh content on the platform to reach your avatar customer. These two daily actions will, without a doubt, put you in a place where you have no other option but to grow your business to keep up with the demand.

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