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What is the most effective accountability method?

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Over the past several weeks, we have gone through 5 of the seven fundamentals, and they wouldn't mean a thing without the 6th Fundamentals of Success: Accountability. When you leverage accountability into your personal development, you will undoubtedly stick to the Fundamentals of Success. There are many ways you can hold yourself accountable; the question is which method would be most effective. One way to be effective when holding yourself accountable is to write it down. 

Grab yourself a new journal and commit to writing down your plan for each day with full accountability for following through with the Fundamentals of Success. I'm sure you've heard this before but writing something down leads to a higher probability of success. So, whether it's the last thing you do before going to sleep or the first thing you do once you wake up in the morning, write a list of all the things you want to do that day. Maybe you listen to one podcast that will help you develop your Winnings Mindset. Then to become an impact player, you rotate different coworkers that help you. They will be grateful, and there's a high chance they'll return the favor. 

Next on your list would be the Power of Two; this should be the bulk of what you work on within the day. After that, it's making sure you're integrating the Habits & Rituals into your day. For example, maybe the new habit you're developing is going to the gym after work. You can start that habit by creating a ritual where you pack your gym bag in the morning before leaving for work, and your duffle bag is already in your car at the end of a workday. Now that we've made a more complicated decision manageable, there's a greater chance you'll follow through with the motion of going to the gym since you set it in place hours in advance. Now, if you commit to being accountable to continue improving in all the areas that we've mentioned, you'll see how these fundamentals become less of a challenge as time goes on. 

This Week's Activity:

  • What's the best consistent time to plan out your day? 
  • Write out your to-do list with each of the fundamentals we've discussed.

Additional Business Tip:

When it comes to practicing accountability, you can practice the same steps and encourage your teammates. Create a work culture that emphasizes both personal and team accountability. When you make a mistake or fall short on your accountability, let your team see that side of you and that you're too a work in progress. Their respect for you will grow, but they will make

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