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What an old fable can teach you about the most important ingredient for success…

personal development Nov 17, 2021

An old farmer was nearing the end of his life. 

For years he’d been too sick to work, and his sons were too lazy to help him. 

But like any good father, he wanted his family to be well taken care of after he’d gone. 

What would he do? 

Calling his sons to his bedside, he begins to tell them a story….

He tells his sons about the “treasure”.

“Boys”, he coughs. 

 “I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while now. But I think you’re finally ready…Hidden out in the soil, on our farm, is a treasure. I won’t tell you where it is. You’ve got to dig for it.” 

Naturally, his sons are stunned. 

“Could this really be real?”, they ask. 

Eventually, those young men would go digging for this treasure – each one with his own idea of what it *should* be. 

….and thanks to the wisdom of dear old Dad, what they found was far more valuable than anything they could have dreamed of….

The story of the farmer and his sons is one of my favorites – and you’ll see why on our latest Playbook episodes, “Hard Work Pays”.

You see, like the farmer’s sons, many people today are in constant search of their own personal version of “The Treasure”.  

They dream about it. 

They read the books and forums about it. 

They watch YouTube videos about it. 

They follow the people on social media who (they think) have found it already. 

And of course, they talk a good talk about it. 

But “treasure” continues to elude them. 

If ONLY they knew….the only thing they’re missing is a single, non-negotiable ingredient

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