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Are you toxic?

business development Jul 01, 2021


As the decision-maker in your business, you don't just make the rules….'re the Chief Officer of Culture

Your company's culture – the values, expectations, and the atmosphere of the workplace reflect your commitment to the culture and should be lived out everyday.

Do it right, and you'll see high morale, and a workforce that feels valued. 

Set the wrong culture – a toxic one – and your company may find itself at a loss in its ability to adapt to changing business conditions. 

How can you tell when you're doing it right? 

It has a lot to do with how well you communicate your core values to your people. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Is my team 100% in lock-step with my  core values? 
  • OR are my core values locked in a drawer on an official-looking document, collecting dust? 
  • What are some areas in my business where I'm not willing to cut corners? 
  • Does my team understand why
  • Am I investing time in new hires to help them understand and adapt to “how we roll?” 

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