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This week, take a few minutes to rate yourself against 4 simple statements

business development Aug 26, 2021

First, a question: How committed to your cause are you? 

 If your head isn’t in the game, real, lasting success in any area of life is practically impossible…. 

...and business is no different. 

To  effectively lead in your business, you’ve got to find a way to remain the most committed person in the building. 

Here’s how to check if that’s still the case. 

Take a moment today to ask yourself if these 4 statements sound like you: 

  1. “I know EXACTLY what I want out of your business, and think about it regularly”
  2. “My company’s best interests come first – not my own comfort” 
  3. “I’m willing to work with my team members to reach the goals set for the company”
  4. “I would never allow myself to be distracted by short-term rewards if they jeopardize the long-term ones”

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