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Last week we took a break from the Fundamentals of Success for you to double down on your Power of Two, no pun intended. This week's focus is on the 5th and 6th Fundamentals of success: Habits & Rituals and Continuous Improvement. Although they are different fundamentals, they go hand in hand. 

The 5th Fundamentals of Success is Habits & Rituals. When going through the personal development process, you must decide which Habits and Rituals you would like to add to your life and which you would like to take away. For example, do you have a habit of staying up late, thus making it hard to wake up in the morning to start your day? On the other hand, maybe you have a ritual of coming home from work and turning on the television. Perhaps this is you, and you want to break those habits & rituals to become a better version of yourself. 

The 6th Fundamentals of Success is Continuous Improvement. Once you have the conscious thought that you want to break a bad habit and develop a new one, you must create Continuous Improvement  until the old pattern is a thing of the past and the new way is second nature. The same goes for the previously mentioned Fundamentals of Success. You must continue to work on your mindset, be an impact player, and implement your Power of Two to reach the personal development milestones you've set for yourself.

This week's activity:

  • What's one habit that you would like to create?
  • What's the best way for this habit to become second nature?
  • What's one little step that can get you to improve on the habit continuously?

Additional Business Tip:

The same goes for your business; what are some business practices you want to become second nature for your teammates and your business? Maybe you want to develop a new company culture. Think of some Habits & Rituals that fall within the vision you have for your business. Then, once you've put these new practices into place, make sure that you continue to work on them. Continuing the previous example, it won't be perfect when developing a new culture at first. Take note of the reactions you get and slowly continue to work on implementing them, and you will eventually create a work environment that your people love; you cultivate loyal team members this way.

Talk to you soon,

Walter Bond and The Bond Group

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