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Success in 2022? Not without getting a handle on this….

business development Dec 02, 2021

Let’s talk discipline. 

Without discipline, you’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery than running a successful business for any length of time. 

Sure, you can have a great plan. You have to hire great people. But the discipline to follow your plan, regardless of what’s being thrown at you and your people? Non-negotiable. 

Great discipline involves sticking to all three of these million-dollar makers

  1. An excellent Product/Service
  2. Great Marketing or Advertising, and 
  3. Solid Leadership 

If any one of these aspects of the business is going astray, chances are that the other two components will suffer, too. For example, if the marketing or advertising is not tightly targeted and ineffective, the sales could fall. 

Likewise, if the product/service is underwhelming, or the company does not effectively market itself properly, the bottom line will suffer. 

So how do you keep a well-disciplined approach to improving – and maintaining– all three?

That’s where the Bond Group comes in. 

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