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Every struggling business I’ve ever seen was missing these three things.

business development Jul 08, 2021

As a business leader, you probably feel you’ve got a finger on the pulse of your operation.

But here’s a serious warning: If your business plan doesn’t include these vital three pieces….well my friend, you’re setting yourself up for a nasty surprise. 

What are we talking about?

The milestones you set in your business are like mile markers on your road to success. 

They allow you to measure your progress clearly and periodically, and make adjustments in real-time. 

But choosing those milestones involves a lot more than picking arbitrary sales goals. They MUST include: 

  • Clear goals and targets
  • Clear steps you and your team can take to achieve them
  • A process in place to evaluate their success 

So how do you build this into your business plan? 

  1. Understand who your core customers are
  2. Analyze your team and product
  3. Holistically review your business as-is today 
  4. Get clear about your financial statements 

Yes, this is no small task – that’s why we discuss it in-depth in this online course.

But for today, you can start by answering a single question: 

“How are we measuring our success?”  

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