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Someone with real impact…

personal development Nov 10, 2021

Harlem Renaissance High School was known as a “transfer” school – the place you went to when no one else wanted you. 

Test scores were impossibly low…

…the campus was a regular stomping ground for drug dealers looking for clientele… 

…and some students had been held back so long, they were legally old enough to sign themselves out from class! 

The city felt the situation was so bad, they considered closing the school down and calling it a loss. 

But where others saw a loss, Zeimer saw potential. 

Once he got a clear picture of what was happening at his school, he went to work. 

He started with the staff, making sure they knew he had their backs, and that they believed they were the right people for the job. 

He told them: “We’re working with at-risk young people, so our job is to believe in them more than they believe in themselves.”

He instituted weekly progress reports for every student, so if something happened with a student, teachers would know. 

He worked on communicating with problem students, instead of going straight to punishment. 

A year later, the school received its first “A” grade. 

School suspensions came down by 70%. 

Two years later, 92% of the senior class not only graduated – but went on to pursue higher education. 

We love to hear stories like this – people who are committed to a cause, affecting lives for the better. These people are what we call “impact players” – people who make a difference wherever they go. 

How about you? Will you be an impact player in some else’s life? 

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