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How a single daily habit can transform you from a “busy” person to a true peak performer

personal development Jun 02, 2021

I’ve never met someone who wasn’t “busy.” 

Everybody’s busy...busy running businesses….busy managing teams...busy raising the next generation...busy chasing dreams! 

Some are pretty efficient – from sunup til’ sundown, they’re steady grinding, knocking items off their (long) to-do lists. 

Are they peak performers? 

Maybe. Maybe not. 

A person on a stationary bike can burn plenty of calories without actually going anywhere. 

Likewise, there’s a difference between being busy, and being strategically busy.  

In our latest ebook “NEXT: How Your Next Chapter Can Be Your Best Chapter”, we share the secret of  “The Power of 2” – one of my favorite tools for avoiding the trap of confusing quantity of action with quality of action. 

Ask yourself: “What are the 2 most important things I need to do every day/every week and/or every year to reach my nearest goal?” 

Then, write your answer down and define what your daily commitments are. 

Check your list at least once a week. This will help you preserve your focus, and keep your more important goals – your “money makers” – from taking a backseat to your “time wasters.”