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People who add this to their goals actually accomplish 10X more…

business development Oct 14, 2021

The secret is adding a timer on those goals. 

Every goal you set, big or small, should ALWAYS be time-bound. 

Because having a deadline to achieve specific goals gives you a time frame to complete the outlined tasks. 

Why’s a time frame so important? 

For one, it helps you avoid giving away too much of your time to everyday tasks, which may be taking away from the bigger picture and longer-term goals.

So here’s what you do. 

Ask yourself the following questions to establish time-bound goals:

  • When does this goal need to be achieved by?
  • If I work on this in a timely manner, what should I be able to achieve in six months from now?
  • What about six weeks from now?
  • What can I do today to move forward?

Then, fill in the blanks in the following sentence. When you’re done, put it somewhere you must see it every day: 

  • “In six months from now, the work I will have done on this goal will have permitted me to ______. Similarly, in six weeks, I will have achieved _____. I can do _____ today to bring me closer to my goal.”

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