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Not planning for this, is planning to fail.....

business development Nov 18, 2021

Here’s a hard fact of running a business: 

"If you aren't planning to scale, you're planning to fail." 

'Scaling up', as it is known in business, basically means to bring something larger, to grow it, to increase it. 

As a business leader, everything that you do, be it building a new website, or starting a new product line, is all about scaling up.


Because planning to scale is what will allow you to keep improving your services, products, and/or support systems while increasing profit for years to come. 

Obviously, planning to scale successfully is no small undertaking. Most of my clients (wisely) invest in a business coach to help them bridge the gap.  

But there are a few things you can start doing to pivot for growth. 

Smart scaling requires smarter investing. 

As businesses scale up, they're growing both their revenue and their resources simultaneously to enable more growth. 

Hiring more staff, adding people who can handle what's coming, developing the products and/or services to better appeal to a broader audience, dialing-in the way you market those products/services – all of these can lead to more sales, more customers, and better satisfaction among customers. 

But first, you'll need a plan. 

This week, ask yourself the following questions about your business: 

- Are my revenue and profits increasing? 
- Do I have the money?
- Do I know what I want when I scale up? 
- Do I have a team I can count on? 
- How well do I know my customers?
- Are my systems ready? If not, what will it take to get them ready? 

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