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It’s time to face your first opponent: YOU!

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Suppose you had the option between being the type of person who admits defeat before there is an ounce of effort made or the person who goes into every situation knowing that they've given their best effort. Which would you choose? I'm going to guess and say you probably chose the latter option.

Whether you're the most successful person in your hometown or the employee of the month at a small local business, both individuals had one thing in common; they chose to work hard to have a significant impact. Although these individuals are both acknowledged, it's safe to say that there wouldn't be an opportunity to reach that level of success if they both didn't have the same end goal: winning.

When you start your day, remind yourself that you're a winner. Then, after you come back from your lunch break is another excellent chance to echo the same sentiments: you're a winner. Whether you want to believe in yourself or not, continuing to state this phrase daily will create a long-term effect. You'll wake up a winner, dress up like a winner, eat like a winner, and soon enough, you will be a winner, and everyone around you will confirm it.

The first opponent that you'll face when striving for success is yourself. I'm sure you're your harshest critic, but you also need to be your number 1 fan. Imagine seeing your cheerleader every time you look in the mirror or at the reflection of your computer screen. When this happens, stand up tall, and remind yourself that you are, undoubtedly, a winner. 

This week's activity:

  • What are two different reasons you are a winner right now at this very moment?
  • What's one ritual you can do to remind yourself of this? 

Additional Business Tips:

When developing a winning mindset as a business owner, you must follow the same steps. Have discussions with yourself or your stakeholders to discuss the future of your company and the necessary steps needed to get there. Do you want to be one of the top performers in your industry? Why wouldn't you; Make sure you're only speaking positively about the future of your business. How can you possibly make it to the top if you're pep-talks sound more like trash talk? A winning mindset leads to a winning lifestyle. It's up to you to be your business' most prominent advocate. Whether you're building to sell or pass down to the next generation, a winning mindset towards your business will make your prospects proud to be the future face of such a winning organization.

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