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It’s not rocket science…

personal development Oct 20, 2021

NASA scientists spent ten years and $12 billion developing a pen that writes in zero gravity. 

They decided that this pen not only had to work in zero gravity…it needed to work upside down, underwater…

… it needed to be able to write on almost any surface including glass…

…and it needed to work in almost any temperature,  from below freezing to the burning heat. 

It was only after they’d spent A LOT of money and resources, someone stopped and asked a brilliant question: 

“Wait a minute…the Russians must be having this problem too. What do they use?” 

After a little digging, they were shocked – and more than a little embarrassed – to discover…

The Russians were using pencils.

The moral of the story? 

Sometimes the simplest answer to a problem is the best answer. 

In our latest recording, “K.I.S.S.”,  we’re talking simplicity – specifically, how you can make sure you’re using your time to focus only on what actually matters + the six fundamental principles for keeping your life simple and stress-free

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