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It happens every year.

business development Nov 23, 2021

For business leaders, periodically taking a step back to identify the next steps for you and your team is the only way to ensure you're always moving forward.  

This starts with an honest self-assessment of: 

- Where you need to improve as a leader or an individual. 
- Your biggest problem areas 
- Your business goals, and how close you are to achieving them

From there, you can develop a plan and take the steps necessary to
achieve your success.

How can you use your downtime this quarter to start working on your plan? 

The first step (which we talk in-depth about in our Business Fundamentals course) is to get specific.

Start by asking yourself the five "W" questions:

  • What accomplishment do I have in mind?
  • Why is this accomplishment vital to me?
  • Who should be involved? Who will benefit from it, and who can help me accomplish this?
  • Where will I work on this goal, and where will this goal be realized?
  • What resources do I need, do I have access to, or need to acquire?

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