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Great things happen when people come together....

personal development Nov 23, 2021

In 2016, a three-year-old boy wandered away from home in Antigo, Wisconsin. 

About 500 of the local townspeople people set out to look for him. 

For 20 hours, they searched...and searched….and searched…

Finally, a volunteer discovered the little boy, unharmed, sitting cross-legged in a nearby cornfield, waiting for someone to find him. 

That volunteer who found him was called a hero… but he refused to take credit. 

Instead, he said: “It took hundreds of us to find him.”

The local Sheriff called the support “Nothing short of amazing” 

The lesson? 

Great things happen when people come together. 

Do you remember when Stephen Anderson won the Super Bowl?  No? 

What about when Megan Rapinoe defeated Thailand in the first game of the World Cup? Still no? 

Now, I’m sure you remember the last time the New England Patriots' won the Super Bowl. 

Or when the Women's Soccer Team beat Thailand 13-0 in the last World Cup. 

They're technically the same events...but the world remembers them as team accomplishments. 

In fact, when it comes to team sports, we very rarely remember the things the individuals do. Instead, we remember what the team did together. 

In "Do You Know Your Team", we discuss how investing in relationships can catapult you to new heights. We're also sharing the four-step, fail-proof formula for becoming a better people manager.

PLUS - find out what exactly makes great people-managers so good at: 

(1) Recognizing the unique value of their teammates
(2) Leaning on the strengths of each, and 
(3) Deliberately attracting people who complement the culture.

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