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Ever wonder why some people seem to get all the breaks in life? Well here’s why….

personal development Sep 21, 2021

This worker isn’t the flashiest. 

You’ve probably walked past them every day of your life, without really looking. 

But believe you me – they are the definition of an impact player

Who am I talking about?

The Bumblebee.  

That’s right. Every day, the humble bumble teaches a golden lesson in why real success means becoming invaluable to other people. 


For every little bit the bee takes, he gives more.  

Here’s a quick middle-school science refresher: 

Bees are what are called pollinators. That means they fly from flower to flower gathering nectar, which they make into food. But they don’t just take until they have their fill. Instead, they carry tiny bits of pollen from plant to plate, helping the plants reproduce and make the flowers and fruits we’ve come to rely on. 

That coffee you’re drinking right now? 


The chocolate bar stashed in your desk? 


The tomatoes in the salad you’ll (hopefully) have for lunch? 

Bees too. 

These little guys are so important, that if all the bees were to disappear tomorrow, it would cost the world economy something in the neighborhood of $15 - $30 billion

So what’s the lesson?

If you want to become invaluable wherever you are, you’ve got to learn to give more than you take. 

In the latest Peak Performers Lessons, we talk about the keys to being invaluable wherever you are – and reaping benefits like: 

  • Building “fireproof” bridges in life and business
  • Gaining access to COUNTLESS opportunities selfish people will never see 
  • Getting friends, family, and partners to invest in you and your dreams
  • Reaping the benefits that come with being someone people actually like

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