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How peak performers bring clarity and focus to their daily routines

personal development Jul 07, 2021

What exactly is The Power of Two? 

Aside from being one of my favorite tools for personal development, it’s the act of: 

  1. Simplifying your goals into two, bite-sized daily habits 
  2. Doing these things, without exception, every day 

Why is it so powerful? 

One, because it helps you tap into some of the most powerful forces for change in your life –  your daily habits, and the power of repetition...

...and two, because it makes even BIG goals seem less scary and more doable. 

A good routine can help you build and strengthen practices that aid you in reaching your goals without straining yourself. 

That said, here’s my challenge to you this week: 

Decide what two daily habits will bring you closer to your goal. Ask yourself: 

  • Where do I want to be in a year? In two years? In five years? 
  • What habits am I already doing consistently?
  • Are those habits moving me forward, or holding me back?
  • Which two habits can I start doing to get closer to my destination? 

Once you’ve found your two, commit to doing them for a week. 

Next, step up to doing them for a month. 

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself doing those two things automatically!

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