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Can your customers answer this?

business development Sep 09, 2021

Positioning is the first step towards achieving a powerful position in any sector of the business world.

By definition, it’s the act of locating your company or your product or service so that you can sell it to the right audience

A good positioning strategy should make it crystal clear how you differ from the competition. 

It should make you stand out and attract maximum attention not only to your products and services, but also your company's values, branding, and the experience you’re offering. 

So what does good positioning look like?  

Start with your messaging – the words on your webpage, your ads, your business social media….

On all of the platforms, two things about you should be undeniable clear about you: 

  1. Your unique selling proposition. In five seconds or less, can potential customers see why you’re better than the rest? Or do they have to dig around to find it? 
  2. Who you’re talking to. The best messaging is targeting messaging. Who exactly are you talking to? And why is it always in their best interest to choose you? 

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