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Two guiding principles for building championship winning teams

business development Jul 29, 2021


Everyone wants to hire the cream of the crop. 

But many business owners don’t fully understand what it takes to attract – and keep – top performers. 

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re trying to build a killer team: 


1.  Peak performers want more than just a nine- to-five.


They need to be engaged in their job, passionate about their business, and committed to making the company they work for proud. 

What do we mean when we say engaged?  Simply put, they want to feel involved in their future at your organization.  Make sure your employees know what they're working for, how they're rewarded, and how much they're expected to accomplish – and give them the tools they need to keep the line of communication open. 


2.  You really need to invest in better training. 



Instead of looking for the exact perfect candidate, hire those who show promise, engagement, and the ability to perform and learn well. Then train your candidates appropriately. Having the right employees with the correct attitude will also make developing the company culture much easier to achieve than if you need to do so with a few employees who do not have the same values and work ethic. So, be consistent with the way you lead and hire people– this is what makes your business work well! 

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