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Huge boosts in sales come from this…...

business development Aug 05, 2021

A shortcut to increasing sales and profits is to narrow your focus and own a niche market. 

A niche is a specialized, highly defined part of a larger market where specialized services or products can easily be sold. 

They’re often based on product lines, but can also be based on certain criteria like:

  • Population
  • Business targets
  • Geographical location
  • Average age of the people that purchase specific products or services. 

So how do you select your perfect niche? 

Identify markets with low competition but high demand, high conversion rates, and a high level of profitability. 

Look at your business and how it functions. 

What are customers looking for?

Where can they find what they're looking for? 

Answer these questions, and you’ll quickly narrow down your search for the right people.