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Habits are like muscles.

Take time to develop the right ones, and they'll carry you wherever you need to go in this life. 

Trust me, there are no shortcuts to developing a winner's strong and effective habits….

...well, except this one….

It’s called The Power of Two. 

Aside from being one of my favorite tools for personal development, it’s the act of: 

  1. Simplifying your goals into two, bite-sized daily habits 
  2. Doing these things, without exception, every day 

Why is it so powerful? 

One, because starting with (and sticking to) just two high-value habits keeps you from overcomplicating the most powerful force for change in your life –  your daily habits, and the power of repetition...

...and two, because it makes even BIG goals seem less scary and more doable. 

Mastering a simple new routine can help you build and strengthen practices that aid you in reaching your goals without straining yourself. 

So how do you start using it?

Start with these questions: 

  • Where do I want to be in a year? In two years? In five years? 
  • What habits am I already doing consistently?
  • Are those habits moving me forward, or holding me back?
  • Which two habits can I start doing to get closer to my destination? 

Once you’ve found your two, commit to doing them for a week. 

Then, two weeks.

Next, step up to doing them for a month

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself doing those two things automatically!

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