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Being an MVP is one of the highest praised awards you can receive in the sports industry. What if I told you that you could be an MVP in whichever sector you choose? MVPs undoubtedly have the most impact on their team, and being the one that received that title is a process that starts well before the end of a season. Impact players make a difference the second they enter the "game." Three different factors go into being an impact player; keep reading to find out what they are.

The first trait you must have to be the type of person who has an impact is staying committed to everything that comes across your proverbial desk. No matter what the task is at hand, following through will significantly affect how you live your life. You want to be your MVP, so be committed to your goals and the promises you keep. Imagine if you continue to stick to your New Year's resolutions? People will see the difference, and you will too notice the difference.

Another trait that impact players embody is to focus on the team. Whether it's your family, work, or extracurricular activities, focusing on the team versus yourself will create an environment where people genuinely want to spend more time with you. Remember those days back in grade school when the team captains took turns picking their teammates? You want to become, if you're not already, the player they choose first instead of last.

The last trait that goes into being an impact player is to be a selfless person. Like I used to tell my kids when they were little, I, me, and my is a three-headed monster. The same goes for adults. Being the person who focuses on themselves and ignores anyone else is the quickest way not to have a team that supports you or even a team at all; how can you be an MVP when all of your teammates would rather be far from you? So the short answer is, you can't.

This week's activity:

  • Think of one promise you can commit to and follow through with your words.
  • Think of one team that you're a part of that you can have more of an impact on
  • What's one way you can be less selfish this week?

Best of luck,

Walter Bond & The Bond group

Additional Business Tips:

As a business leader or owner, you want to make sure you're an impact player and cultivate an environment where you push your people to be impact players. To have the most impact on your team, make sure you share these three traits with the rest of your team. Remind them that these traits are helpful in both business and their personal lives. A team with multiple impact players is bound to become an industry stand-out.

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