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A lesson in humility from the Champ

personal development Oct 13, 2021

On the night of the fight, it LOOKS like Ali has met his match.

He’s staggering around the ring, imprecise, arms dangling like wind chimes. He looks exhausted like a man whose age is finally catching up to him. 

But looks can be deceiving. 

Every time Foreman gets close, Ali steps just out of his reach – to one side, then the other. 

Foreman keeps coming, still nothing. 

Ali moves backward, into the ropes, and then his course changes almost imperceptibly with a bounce or lunge. 

After hitting Muhammad Ali for eight rounds, George Forman knew the fight was slipping away from him. Ali finally leaned into Foreman and whispered something in his ear. 

"George, is that all you got?" 

Ali punched him in the face, and it was done

There are many people who misunderstand the role of humility in the legacy of Muhammed Ali. 

You might say “I’d call Muhammed Ali a lot of things...humble isn’t one of them.

But Ali wasn’t arrogant. In fact, whenever he stepped into the ring, it was HUMILITY that allowed him to be irrepressibly “confident”

In our latest record “Stay Humble” we talk a little about why real confidence might not look the way you think it does – and why real confidence in life, in business, or in sports cannot exist without humility. 

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