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I’ve got a question for “future you” ….

personal development Sep 29, 2021

They say no player will ever have a feel for the hockey puck like Wayne Gretzky did.

When he was a kid, like most players his age, he loved to watch the game. 

What separated him was the way he watched each game. 

Whenever we would tune in, we would bring a pencil and paper. As the game went on, he’d actually trace the movement of the puck on the paper. 

They say he was so obsessed with learning how the puck moved, he wouldn't even look down. 

For hours he studied every movement the puck would make.

To this day, no other hockey player has dominated the NHL quite like he did. 

His story, and many other champion’s stories, are a result of a simple recipe:

Great passion + great work ethic. 

In the latest Playbook audio,  “Go Early, Stay Late” we discuss: 

  • Why killer work ethic is non-negotiable on the road to success
  • How your real feelings about your career can make or break your work ethic
  • Why you should take a step back and ask “Why?” 
  • Signs you might need to quit your day job and pursue your true passion  

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