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The Bond Legacy -

From Courts to Corporate Triumphs

Welcome to the heart of Peak Performers Huddle, a story that intertwines love, entrepreneurship, and relentless pursuit of excellence. We are Walter and Antoinette Bond, the co-founders, and the driving force behind this transformative platform.


Our Beginning:


Our journey began in 1992, in the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas. It was here, amidst the hustle of the NBA and the corporate world, that our paths crossed. Walter was making his mark with the Dallas Mavericks, showcasing his prowess on the basketball court. Antoinette, a dynamic Account Sales Manager for the Dr Pepper Company, was carving out her own success story. Our meeting sparked not just a romance but a partnership that would grow to impact thousands.


Harnessing Passion and Expertise

As serial entrepreneurs, our initial foray into the world of business began with a series of basketball camps across the state of Minnesota. These camps were a natural step, given Walter's history as a standout player at the University of Minnesota. We spent our summers traveling the state with a unique approach to summer camping. Parents didn’t have to bring their basketball camper to the Twin Cities; we would bring the NBA experience to you.

Once our children were born, we stopped the camps and launched our second business venture. We ventured into the realm of child development as franchisees of Gymboree Play and Music Programs, owning the Twin Cities market. While Walter extended his basketball career overseas in Greece, Germany, and Italy, Antoinette adeptly managed our two locations, juggling this with the joys and challenges of raising our three children.


From Sports and Play to Professional Development

As basketball began to take a back seat, we pivoted our focus to an area we felt profoundly passionate about – professional development. In 2001, we launched our motivational speaking business, leveraging Walter's experience and insights from his basketball career and our collective entrepreneurial journey. Our mission was clear – to empower and inspire individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Peak Performers Huddle:

A Culmination of Experience and Vision

Realizing the need for a more comprehensive approach to personal and professional growth, we established Peak Performers Huddle. This platform became our avenue to share our teachings and methodologies more deeply and interactively. Since its inception in 2019, we've guided over 1,000 individuals through our online courses and coaching programs, with new members joining us daily.

Our Commitment: Your Transformation

At Peak Performers Huddle, we are not just about imparting knowledge; we are about facilitating real change. Walter's journey from an NBA player to a motivational powerhouse and Antoinette's transition from corporate excellence to entrepreneurial success exemplify the transformations we aim to inspire in every member of our community.

Join us at Peak Performers Huddle, and embark on your journey to greatness.

We are here to guide you every step of the way.