Are You Ready to Amplify Your Voice and Impact?

You have a message that the world needs to hear. You've dabbled in speaking, ignited rooms with your words, and felt the rush of impacting lives. But, it's been a side passion, not your full-time reality. Until now.

90 Days to Launch:

Speaker Coaching Program

‚Äď a meticulously designed journey that takes the guesswork¬†out of becoming a professional speaker. This is not just a course; it's a transformation.

This is my dream come true!

Why Choose 90 Days to Launch?

  • Expert-Led Trainings:¬†Learn from industry leaders who have walked the path and know how to guide you to success.
  • Strategic Framework:¬†Our step-by-step strategy is your blueprint to launch your speaking career with confidence.
  • Personalized Support:¬†Get hands-on coaching tailored to your unique voice and message.
  • Community of Like-Minded Speakers:¬†Join a network of aspiring speakers, sharing insights and opportunities.

What's Inside the Program?

  • Foundation of Speaking Success:¬†Understand the core principles that make a speaker unforgettable.

  • Crafting Your Signature Talk:¬†Develop a talk that resonates and captivates any audience.

  • Booking Gigs Strategically:¬†Learn how to find and secure speaking opportunities that align with your goals.

  • Marketing Mastery:¬†Leverage social media, email campaigns, and SEO to build your brand and audience.

  • Monetizing Your Message:¬†Discover how to turn speaking engagements into a lucrative career.

  • Ongoing Evaluation and Feedback:¬†Receive constructive feedback to continually refine your skills.


Special Bonuses for Early Enrollees!

  • Exclusive Access to our Speaker's Toolkit:¬†Templates, checklists, and resources to keep you on track.

  • 90 day¬†free access to our iSpeak Mastermind Group

  • Direct access to experts for personalized advice and insights.

Are You Ready to Commit to Your Dream?

Imagine, in just 90 days, having the tools to step onto a stage not as someone's side act, but as the main event. Your voice, your message, your career.

Your dream of being a full-time speaker is within reach. But it requires action ‚Äď your action.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Let's turn your part-time passion into a full-time profession.

One Time Payment


Save $494

  • Expert-Led Trainings
  • Strategic Framework
  • Personalized Support
  • Community of Like-Minded Speakers

Questions? Reach Out!

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Your voice matters. Let's make it heard.

Transform your passion into a profession. 90 Days to Launch: Speaker Coaching Program ‚Äď where your speaking career takes flight.