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This is Biz Leadership 101….

Sep 30, 2021

Being a great leader starts with a simple question:

How specific are the goals you set for your people? 

The first indicator is whether or not you can explain to someone without stuttering or without fumbling for ways to describe them. 

Think you’re good in that department? Challenge yourself with answering the following five "W" questions:

  • What accomplishment do I have in mind?
  • Why is this accomplishment vital to me?
  • Who should be involved? Who will benefit from it, and who can help me accomplish this?
  • Where will I work on this goal, and where will this goal be realized?
  • What resources do I need, do I have access to, or need to acquire?

For example, a specific goal can be resumed in a few sentences such as: 

“I want to _____ so that I can ____. This will allow me to do ____, which will benefit _____, and have a long-term impact on ______. For this, I will need the help from (resources) and (people).”

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